A Day in the Thar Desert – An Experience Not To Be Missed

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Jaisalmer is a small town in the west of India’s Rajasthan which lies on the edge of the Thar Desert. Most travellers who take the lengthy and arduous journey to Jaisalmer, intend to go on a camel safari to the desert for at least one day. Jaisalmer is actually situated at the end of India - it’s not possible to go farther west by road than to Jaisalm[...]


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Nepal, the country of imposing Himalayas, thick forests, historical heritage and sacred places, is a home to friendly and welcoming Nepalis, but also to kind-hearted Tibetan refugees who keep their traditions and culture alive. Intrigued by the Buddhist teachings and interested in mingling with the Tibetans, we longed for a spiritual and cultural experience[...]

Kuelap, the lesser known Machu Picchu of northern Peru

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The dramatic mountains of a remote Chachapoya region in the north of Peru are scattered with ruins, mummies and burial sites left by the Chachapoyas and the Incas. 90 per cent of the sites still remain undiscovered. Kuelap, Machu Picchu of northern Peru The fortified city of Kuelap, nowadays called “Machu Picchu of northern Peru", was built 800 AD by the[...]

6 fascinating Maya ruins in Mexico you must visit

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The memories of Mexico will always be so vivid.  We spent in this magnificent country eleven months and we are now recalling all our memories. Mexico is a vast land of glorious Maya heritage, colourful picturesque towns, traditional villages still keeping old rituals, language and beliefs, thick jungles, deserts covered with cactuses, mountains and spec[...]

San Blas Islands in Panama: Heaven or Paradise?

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It's hard to say if San Blas islands should be called heaven or paradise. They're both! San Blas islands (sometimes called Kuna Yala or Guna Yala archipelago) are a group of nearly 400 tropical islands that are located on the north-east side of Panama and are governed by Kuna Indians. Only 40 of these absolutely pristine islands are inhabited. The mos[...]
Angkor Wat

Our Top 10 Places to See in South East Asia

South East Asia is scattered with extraordinary archaeological sites, vivid and fascinating cities, gorgeous beaches,  lush green jungles, vast tea and rice plantations, impressive mountains and volcanoes and least but not last, friendly and smiley locals. No wonder South East Asian countries have become very popular with travellers that seek places to rela[...]

The 9 Best Things To Do in Dubai

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D. U. B. A. I. Dazzling. Unique. Bright. Amusing. Inventive. With its futuristic architecture, magnificent malls, luxury cars, alluring markets and unbelievable man-made attractions, Dubai is an ultramodern ever-changing multicultural city set in the Arabian Desert that you will certainly not forget. In this post we will tell you about the 9 best things t[...]